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Kitron is a medium-size Electronics Manufacturing
Services company. The company has manufacturing
facilities in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany,
China and the US and has about 1 100 employees.
Kitron manufactures both electronics that are em-
bedded in the customers’ own product, as well as
box-built electronic products. Kitron also provides
high-level assembly (HLA) of complex electromechani-
cal products for its customers.
Kitron’s services are most competitive within complex
manufacturing processes that require niche expertise.
Kitron has chosen to focus its sales and marketing ac-
tivities within five key segments; Defence/Aerospace,
Energy/Telecoms, Industry, Medical equipment and
Kitron has a balanced sales mix among these seg-
ments, which makes Kitron diversified and in a good
position to handle shifting demands.
Kitron has strong relationships with large multinational
Flexible turnkey supplier
Kitron’s services range from development and design,
through industrialisation, sourcing and logistics, to
manufacturing, redesign and upgrading of products
in order to extend their lifespan. Kitron endeavours to
achieve a seamless integration with customers and
Kitron is working to further enhance its competitive-
ness by expanding its range of services in those parts
of the value chain that demand high levels of exper-
tise. The group is constantly striving to optimise the
sourcing function, manufacturing process and logis-
tics in order to reduce its cost base.
Quality assurance
Kitron measures quality in all processes. A continuous
quality improvement is achieved through training and
the implementation of programs such as Six Sigma,
LEAN Manufacturing, 5S and 7W. Kitron is striving to
achieve a superior quality and thereby create a com-
petitive advantage relative other EMS companies.
Global sourcing
Kitron’s subsidiary Kitron Sourcing AS is responsible
for performing sourcing activities for the whole group,
and consists of dedicated specialists working directly
with carefully selected manufacturers and distribu-
tors. As a result of continuously monitoring the market
globally, Kitron is able to negotiate competitive prices
and ensure a reliable supply of components.
Vision and values
Kitron’s vision is to provide solutions that deliver
success for its customers. Kitron shall contribute to
develop customers` business to become leading com-
panies within their respective markets.
Kitron’s values are built upon reliability, creativity, an
inclusive work environment and a positive and interna-
tional mind-set.
Kitron has an ambition for profitable growth in the
Northern European, US and Chinese EMS markets
targeting professional customers. To fulfil this ambi-
tion Kitron has developed a strategy along four key
Profitable organic growth
Kitron will continue to increase market shares in its
Nordic home markets by leveraging on its key compe-
tences and competitive edge. There will be a particu-
lar focus to gain market share in Sweden.
Market expansion
Germany, China & Asia and the US are large markets
where Kitron see attractive opportunities. The German
operation is focusing on sales and technical services
while the manufacturing mainly will be performed out-
side Germany. The new factories in USA and China
are now fully operational and are extending Kitron’s
platform for market expansion and growth.
Kitron in brief
Kitron in brief