9. Work of the Board of directors

Remuneration Committee

he Remuneration Committee is appointed by Kitron ASA’s Board of directors and is a sub-committee of the Board. The committee consists of three members elected among the members of the board.

The remuneration committee will on behalf of the board supervise remuneration and incentive schemes, mainly related to the CEO and the Corporate Management Team (CMT). During 2015 there were three Remuneration Committee meetings.

The committee consists of two shareholder-elected board members and one employee-elected board member. The independent auditor usually attends the meetings. During 2016 there were five audit committee meetings.

Presentation of the Remuneration Committee:

  • Auomo Lähdesmäki, voted chair of the remuneration committee elected until the Annual Annual General Meeting in 2016
  • Stefan Charette, elected at the Extraordinary General Meeting 12 January 2017 until the Annual General Meeting in 2017
  • Gro Brækken, elected until the Annual General Meeting in 2017

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