Corporate Governance

1. Report on corporate governance

Report on corporate governance

The report follows the structure of the Code of Practice. The Corporate Governance report is subject to annual evaluation and discussion by the Board. The following report was issued at the Board meeting on 21 March 2017.

Kitron’s vision is to provide solutions that deliver success for its customers. Kitron’s core values to support the vision are reliability, creativity, involvement and a positive and international mindset.

The group’s current Ethical Code (Ethical Guidelines, Supplier Guidelines and Anti-Bribery policy) was approved by the Board 27 August 2014. It is based largely on international initiatives and guidelines related to social responsibility, including the ILO conventions.

The Ethical Code includes topics such as human rights, environment, relations with our customers and suppliers, corruption and confidentiality.

The Code applies to all Kitron board members, elected officers, permanent and temporary employees, hired staff, consultants and agents acting in or on behalf of Kitron. The Code also applies to all contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and sub-suppliers. It includes all companies in the Kitron group.

Basic values and ethical guidelines

The board has stated Kitron’s purpose and core values as presented in the annual report, and the board has prepared and implemented Ethical Code of Conduct which reflect these values. The ethical guidelines also include guidelines for corporate social responsibility.

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