Medical devices

Kitron’s medical devices sector consists of three main product groups:

  • ultrasound and cardiology systems
  • respiratory/medical devices 
  • lab/in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Our innovative and quality-assured processes combine our technology and know-how with your knowledge of the particular application and market demands.

Specialised customer team
Kitron’s medical devices customer team is central to the development and manufacturing of medical devices. Members of our customer team come from all parts of the value chain, representing a wide range of specialist skills.

We focus on technologies that complement our customers' own core competencies. This allows us to act as a specialised and focused entity within a larger organization, providing our customers with the necessary resources and equipment to meet their objectives.

One point of contact
Kitron takes responsibility throughout the entire value chain in its relationships with its customers. At all times, and always taking into account your specific needs, you will have a single point of contact - right from the very first concept studies, through the development and industrialisation process to manufacturing and testing, and all the way to delivery to the end-customer.

Medical devices brochure