Stock market announcement from Scanfil Oyj

On 24 September 2010, Scanfil Oyj bought 57,000,000 (fifty seven million) shares of Kitron ASA and as a result of the purchase, the aggregate number of shares owned by Scanfil Oyj passed the 25% disclosure threshold. Total position of Scanfil Oyj after the purchase is 57,000,000 (fifty seven million) which is approximately equal to 32,96 % of the total outstanding shares of Kitron ASA. The total number of voting rights after the purchase is 57,000,000 (fifty seven million) equal to approximately 32,96%.
Scanfil Oyj is an investment company of which most remarkable ownership is 100% owned Scanfil EMS Group. Other strategic investments include iLOQ Oy (18,7 %), IonPhasE Oy (40%), Panphonics Oy (40 %) and Lännen Tehtaat Oyj (8,6%).Scanfil Group comprises the Finnish investment and parent company Scanfil Oyj and sub-concern Scanfil EMS Oy practicing contract manufacturing business. Scanfil EMS Oy is an international contract manufacturer for the telecommunications and professional electronics.
For and on behalf of
Harri Takanen, President