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Manual assemblyThe Kilsund factoryThe Tangen farm and rope factory - where the Arendal/Hisøy plant was establishedRelay manufacturing in the late 1970's
10 years anniversary of manufacturing at the Arendal/Hisøy plant10 years anniversary celebration at Arendal/Hisøy


Kitron has its origin from the companies Statronic and Electric Bureau, both of which were established in the 1960’s in Arendal. The Kitron name was established in the 1980’s, and Kitron’s business idea changed to contract manufacturing of electronics.

The business idea has since been extended to include the entire value chain around the manufacturing and assembly of electronics and industrial products containing electronics.

Kitron was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1997. In order to strengthen its market position and competence, Kitron has carried out several mergers and acquisitions, most notably Sonec ASA and Kitron ASA merged in 2000.

Today, Kitron consists of businesses that have their origin in Ericsson, Kongsberg Gruppen, Nera and Tandberg Data in Norway, in addition to Bofors and Saab in Sweden. Kitron acquired UAB Kitron in Lithuania in 2001 and UAB Kitron Elsis in 2007. The same year Kitron established a sourcing organisation in Ningbo, China. In June 2009 Kitron divested its Microelectronics facility at Røros in Norway. In 2010 the development department in Oslo, Norway was divested, while a small German EMS company was acquired. In 2010 Kitron also established Kitron Electronics Manufacturing in Ningbo, China and Kitron Inc. in USA. In 2012 Kitron’s factory in Karlskoga, Sweden was closed down, and the business was moved to Kitron AB in Jonkoping.